UHasselt Capture The Flag 2020

About the event

The UHCTF is a yearly cyber security competition for the department of Computer Science at Hasselt University. The event is organized by a team of students and alumni with faculty support. Established in 2018, this year marks the third edition.

Inspired by the CSCBE, the UHCTF aims to be a fun and easy way for UHasselt students to get hands-on with cyber security, and for staff to brush up on their skills. Participants join in teams of 3 to 4 members and compete against other teams in their category (1st Bach, 2nd Bach, 3rd Bach, Master and Staff). The previous edition counted some 50 participants, with 26 challenges in 8 categories, including cryptography, web security, digital forensics, and even a lock picking challenge.

Unlike a typical programming contest, CTF's allow their participants access to the internet. This is because, even more so than with programming, the world of cyber security is too fast-paced and the knowledge required is too specific to be stored in memory or to be written down in books. While the UHCTF is an entry-level CTF without any bleeding-edge attacks, we form no exception to this rule. On the contrary, we encourage participants to use the internet to its maximum potential, as any aspiring computer scientist must master the art of Google-Fu. The only thing not allowed is to share challenge-related information with the outside world, like posting your challenges on help forums, or asking your tech-savvy aunt for advice.


All UHasselt Computer Science students and staff, in teams of 3 to 4 members.
The Fitlink, directly opposite the main university building.
TBD, first half of May 2020.
12:00 - 12:30: Welcome
12:30 - 17:00: Round 1
17:00 - 17:45: Free food
17:45 - 19:45: Round 2
19:45 - 20:00: Wrap-up
What to bring
  • Laptop with charger.
  • Ethernet cable if possible (we can only provide so many).
  • Ethernet adapter, if not already built into your laptop.
  • Optionally, pen and paper, depending on how you like to tackle problems.
Food & Drinks
  • The event starts quite early, so feel free to bring your lunch and eat before or during the first round.
  • Unlimited free drinks (no alcohol) throughout the event.
  • Free fries with curry sausage / cheese croquette inbetween the two rounds.


Why would I want to participate?
We're glad you asked!

  • The UHCTF aims to act as a stepping stone towards larger CTF's, like the CSCBE and Google CTF, which help you meet some of the best employers in the industry, and which offer amazing prizes for the winners, like a trip to DefCon in Las Vegas, a helicopter flight with Belgian Defense and professional hacking gear.
  • For students yet undecided on which master profile(s) to choose, this is a great chance to get a taste of the Networking & Security profile. Even for students with no particular passion for security, CTF's help to train the vigilance and analytic thinking needed to build robust and reliable systems.
  • In each student category (1st Bach, 2nd Bach, 3rd Bach, and Master), there are prizes for the winning team.
  • We offer free food and unlimited free drinks.
  • Last but not least, it's amazingly fun! Really!

Do I have the necessary knowledge and skills to participate?
Absolutely! We've made it our priority this year that all students have enough suitable challenges to tackle, be they masters or 1st bachelors. We've increased our challenge count from 26 to 30+ by adding more novice challenges, but rest assured that really tough challenges are still included, along with everything inbetween. Also, some challenges require no technical knowledge at all, only logical thinking and a little creativity.

Do I have to prepare?
No. Your education is a good base to solve many of the challenges, and the rounds provide enough time for some quick research, should the need arise.

Can I prepare?
If you want to, certainly! CTFtime provides a list of upcoming public CTF's that you can play online, as well as write-ups and solutions of past CTF's. There are also timeless CTF's, like OverTheWire, where you can solve challenges at your own time. Finally, YouTube channels like LiveOverflow provide excellent challenge walkthroughs. Please don't be put off by the difficulty of some of what you might find online; the UHCTF includes its fair share of novice challenges.

My question is not on this list.
Luckily, our email address is: contact@ctf.uhasselt.be.